213 TRACK-TYPE EXCAVATOR Track Adjustment Caterpillar

Track Adjustment
1.1. Tightening Track
2.1. Loosen Track

Fig. WH 159

Spring Force Fv/F Max.: 127 kN/196 kN

Spring Travel On Block: 35 mm

Piston Stroke: + 60 mm - 20 mm

(1) Cone grease nipple (fitting)

(2) High pressure grease nipple

(3) Nut

(4) Spring

Tightening Track

------ WARNING! ------

Do not visually inspect relief valve to see if grease is released from the track adjuster. Look to see that the track has loosened. Grease in the track adjuster is under very high pressure and can cause very serious injury or death it it strikes a person


To test the track tension, lift the machine by means of the attachment so that the lower part of the track hangs down freely. The track sag should be 5 to 6 cm (2.0 to 2.38 in.) when the machine is raised.

Press grease through nipple (1) into the tensioning cylinder with a lever type grease gun until the correct chain tension has been eached.

Loosen Track

The track tension has to be set as required by the current operating conditions. Use as slack a track as possible (without damage) if the sail is heavy.

Loosen high pressure nipple (2) no more than 3 turns, so grease can escape from the tensioning cylinder through the transversal hole of the nipple.

If no grease escapes, after no more than 3 turns, press grease into the cone grease nipple (1) until grease does emerge. Once the correct tension has been obtained, close the high pressure nipple.

------ WARNING! ------

If a tensioned track is loosened, grease will emerge under high pressure. Personal injury or death is possible. Never remove grease nipple (1) or unscrew the high pressure nipple completely.


Use only multipurpose grease. See the Operation and Maintenance Guide.

------ WARNING! ------

The spring of the tensioning device is prestressed at installation. It is under extreme high pressure.


If it becomes necessary to loosen the tension of spring (4), nut (3) can only be loosened if a special tool is used for loosening the spring.