213 TRACK-TYPE EXCAVATOR Track Caterpillar

1.1. Assembly
2.1. Removal

Fig. WH 160

(1) Master pin *

(2) Pin

(3) Left link

(4) Right link

(5) End bushing

(6) Bushing

(7) Ring

(8) Not used

(9) Left master link

(10) Right master link

*The master pin is the one with a collar.

A = Mounting bolts

9/16" - 18 UNF x 48

Tightening torque 240 - 270 N·m

------ WARNING! ------

Be careful when servicing or separating tracks. Chips can fly when removing or installing a track pin. Wear safety glasses. Track can unroll very quickly when separated. Keep away from front and rear of machine. The machine can move unexpectedly when both tracks are disengaged from the sprockets. Block the machine to prevent it from moving.


------ WARNING! ------

Do not visually inspect relief valve to see if grease is released from the track adjuster. Look to see that the track has loosened. Grease in the track adjuster is under very high pressure and can cause very serious injury or death if it strikes a person.



The master pin should be tapped in from the inside.


Tap out toward the inside