213 TRACK-TYPE EXCAVATOR Cab Heater Caterpillar

Cab Heater
1.1. Operation
2.1. Controls
3.1. Operating Instructions
4.2. Maintenance:
5.1. Problems and checks:


The complete heating system consists of a basic heater (installed under the operator's seat), mounting parts, air-flow and exhaust pipes, diesel fuel supply system, glow plug and controls.

The pilot lamp comes on when the heater is switched on. The hot-air blower begins, after no more than five seconds, to convey hot air, and the combustion air blower to convey combustion air. At the same time, the fuel metering pump sends precise quantities of fuel into the combustion chamber. Here, fuel and combustion air form an inflammable mixture, which is ignited at the glow plug. The combustion gases now pass through the heat exchanger and activate the temperature switch, which switches off the glow plug. The hot air is heated at the heat exchanger and passes through the exhaust into the area of the cab. When the heater is switched off, the pilot lamp goes off, but the blower motor runs until the heater has cooled down. Then it is automatically switched off by the temperature switch.


The flame is monitored by the temperature switch. This switch acts on the thermal protection cutout switch in the control unit, which switches off the heater in the event of a malfunction.

(a) The temperature switch switches off the glow plug when a stable flame has been obtained. In addition, after the heater has been switched off, it automatically stops the blower when the heater has cooled down.
(b) If the heater fails to ignite, it switches off automatically not more than three minutes after switching on. If there is a malfunction caused by the blower motor, the motor current fuse built into the control unit has blown.

After checking, and if necessary changing, the fuse, briefly switching off and on again will switch the heater back on. Do not switch the heater back on more than twice. If it still does not start, check the wiring circuit or the component that has failed.

(c) If the flame goes out spontaneously during operation, the heater will automatically switch off after no more than four minutes. It can be switched back on in accordance with Step (b).
(d) The thermal protection cutout switch stops the fuel metering pump if the maximum permissible temperature for the heating air is excluded (in the event the heating air ducts become blocked). The heater then switches off automatically. After removal of the cause of overheating and pressing of the knob on the thermal protection cutout switch, the heater can be put back into operation by switching it off and on again.
(e) The glow plug control mechanism in the control unit prevents fuel flow if the glow plug is defective.

Operating Instructions

------ WARNING! ------

The heater must always be switched off and the flame must be out before the fuel tank for the machine is to be filled. Do not operate the heater in a closed building or environment without proper ventilation to remove the heater's exhaust.



Operation with universal switch

Switching on: set knob to

The pilot lamp in the knob comes on. Switching off: set knob to 0.

The pilot lamp goes out.

Turn knob to

(full) position.

The pilot lamp in the knob comes on. The heater begins to work after no more than five seconds. To switch off the heater, turn the knob to 0. The pilot lamp goes out. The blower motor, however, runs until the heater has cooled down; then it switches off automatically.


The heater should be switched on briefly approximately once a month during warm weather.

Problems and checks:

1. The blower does not run after the heater is switched on:

(a) Check the 16A fuse for the heater.

(b) Check the motor current fuse in the control unit.

2. After the heater is switched on, the blower only runs for about three minutes, the heater does not ignite and automatically shuts off.

Briefly switch the heater off and back on again (not more than twice). If the heater still does not ignite, check the fuel metering pump, the switches, glow plug or heat exchanger. Replace the failed component.

3. The heater goes off druing operation:

If the fault is due to overheating, switch the heater off, eliminate the cause of the overheating (possible hot-air pipe blocked), press the thermal protection cutout switch (1) and switch the heater back on. It should start to work five seconds after being switched on.

HEAT EXCHANGER (Located under operator's seat)
1. Thermal protection cutout switch.