214 & 224 WHEEL-TYPE EXCAVATORS Installation Of Spring (For Improved Handling) Caterpillar

Installation Of Spring (For Improved Handling)
1.1. Reason for Fitting

Fig. WH 111

On control piston 4th section of left valve bank.

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Reason for Fitting

The 4th section of each valve bank is fitted with a reinforced spring assembly (compound piston). The advantage of improved handling of the machine that this provides is offset by the forfeiture of the sensitivity of the optional hydraulic function. By fitting spring 5W4204 or 5W4205 - with the dimensions d = 7.5 mm; D = 47.4 mm; 1 = 86.1 mm; if = 5 effective turns - the original sensitivity is restored.

NOTE: Only exchange springs in the 4th section of the left valve bank.

Installation is necessary when:

Equipment such as swinging ditching buckets, laterally displaceable hydraulic equipment etc. is attached. In the case of a hydraulic rotatable grab fitting is not normally necessary. In especially rugged service, however, failure can occur; here fitting is advisable. Contact the local AVSpare dealer for more information when necessary.

NOTE: Absolute cleanliness and care are essential.

Dismantling the springs:

1. Remove 2 allenhead screws (1) on cover (2).

2. Remove spring assembly with piston from valve block.

3. Loosen allenhead screw (3). If necessary heat to 250 to 300°C. (Hold at other end of piston).

4. Remove shim (4), spring plate (5) and springs (6) and (7).

Installing Spring:

1. Remove grease from thread M 10 in pin (9) and allenhead screw (3).

2. Place spring 5W4204 or 5W4205 on spring plate (8) [instead of springs (6) and (7)] and on this, spring plate (5). Only one spring now.

3. Place shim (4) in spring plate (5).

4. Replace allenhead screws (3) with Loctite product No. 582 (observing Loctite instructions). Tighten to 48.1 N·m. Hold at other end of piston.

5. Push piston with spring back into valve bank and close with cover (2) and allenhead screw (1).