214 & 224 WHEEL-TYPE EXCAVATORS Swing Brake Caterpillar

Swing Brake
1.1. Bleeding the Swing Gear Brake

Fig. WH 128

The swing brake is spring released and hydraulically applied.

(1) Fluid reservoir

(2) Master brake cylinder

(3) Pressure limiter

214: 16 bar (1600 kPa)

224: 20 bar (2000 kPa)

(4) Cut-off valve

(5) Swing gear brake

(6) Wheel cylinder

(7) Bleed screw

(8) Adjustment

A = 1 mm. Clearance, adjustment made on linkage

Operating procedure: Depress the brake pedal and close the cutoff valve (4). Pressure will remain in the wheel cylinder (6) and the swing brake is blocked.

NOTE: If the cutoff valve (4) is closed without first depressing the brake pedal, the swing brake is not operable.

Bleeding the Swing Gear Brake

------ WARNING! ------

The brake fluid will have high pressure at the bleed screw when it is opened. To prevent personal injury, do this operation in a position where the fluid can not make contact with anyone. Brake fluid is harmful to skin and eyes.


Fill reservoir with brake fluid. Remove dust cap from bleed screw on master cylinder. Connect one end of a hose segment to the bleed screw and insert the other end in a small container filled with brake fluid. Now open the bleed screw and pump the brake pedal up and down until all air bubbles cease to emerge from the end of the hose.

NOTE: Make sure that the bleed screw is always closed before releasing the brake pedal.

Repeat this process for the wheel brake cylinders on the drum brakes. The brake drum need not be removed for this. The wheel brake cylinder is made accessible by removing the plug on the brake drum. Take care that no brake fluid gets on the brake linings.

NOTE: The swing gear brake has self-adjusting brake shoes. Therefore, it is not necessary to readjust it.