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Hexavalent Chromium Has Been Detected in Cat Engines {0353, 0680, 1059} Caterpillar Switchgear Remote Access System Service Tool Tech-Link is Now Available for All Cat Generator Sets {7002, 7451, 7606, 7635} A New Head Gasket is Now Used On Certain 3500 Engines {1124} New Exhaust Temperature Sensors Are Now Available for Certain Cat Engines {1919} Military Electronic Technician (Military ET) Is Now Available for Military Personnel {0374, 0376, 0599, 1000, 7000, 7610, 7620} New Crankshaft Seals Are Now Used for Certain 3500, G3500, and C175 Engines {1160, 1161} A New Head Gasket is Now Used On Certain 3500Engines {1124} A New Gas Regulator Is Now Available for All G3500 Series Engines {1270} A Turbocharger Troubleshooting Return Form Is Now Available for C7, C9, C9.3, C13, C15, and C18 Machine Engine Applications {0336, 1052, 7569} Replacement Short Blocks Are Now Available for 3500 and C175 Engines {1000} Alternative Assembly Lubricant Used in Repair Processes Is Now Available for All C27, C32, and 3400 Engines {0670, 0672, 0761, 1201, 7225} New Lifter Assembly Now Used for Certain 3500 Series Engines {1209} Improved Common Rail Fuel Pump Drive is Now Used on Certain C4.4 and C6.6 Engines {125H} Procedure for Cleaning an Engine Lubrication System when Contaminated with Engine Coolant Containing Antifreeze {1000, 1348, 1395} New Air Cleaner Mounting Clamp Is Now Used on Certain Cat Engines {1051} An Improved Engines Electronic Control Module (ECM) is Now Used for Certain 3500, 3600, and C280 Engines {1901} A New Seal Sleeve Combination is Now Available for Field Repair on certain 3176, C9, C9.3, C10, C11, C12, and C13 Engines {1202} New Preservation Process for Crankshafts is Now Used for 3500, G3500, and C175-16 Series Engines {1202} New Control Harness Assembly is Now Used on Certain Cat Engines {1408, 1900} Calculating Cylinder Liner Projection for 3500, 3500B, 3500C, and G3500 Engines {0705, 1216} Cat Reman Announces Changes to the Remanufactured Injector Rocker Arms for 3406E, 3456, C15, C16, C18, C27, and, C32 Engines {1123} New Water Temperature Regulators Available {1355} Identifying Oil Pumps on Certain 3400, C27, and C32 Engines {1304} A New Injector Bypass Fuel Flow Test Procedure Is Now Available for Certain C9.3 Engines {1290} New HEUI Pump Oil Lines Are Now Used on Certain C9 Engines {1307, 1714}

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