214 AND 224 WHEEL-TYPE EXCAVATOR Every 10 Service Hours or Daily Caterpillar

Every 10 Service Hours or Daily
1.1. Fuel Tank
2.2. Check Fuel Level
3.1. Air Tanks
4.2. Drain Condensation Water
5.1. Air Cleaner Indicator
6.2. Check
7.1. Engine
8.2. Check Oil Level
9.1. Hydraulic Fluid Tank
10.2. Check Level
11.1. Service Brake
12.2. Check Brake Fluid Level
13.1. Front Axle Oscillation Reservoir
14.2. Check Oil Level
15.1. Backhoe Linkage
16.2. Lubricate
17.1. Boom
18.2. Lubricate
19.2. Boom Cylinder Lower Pins

Fuel Tank

Check Fuel Level

Fill up the fuel tank with clean fuel after service, to prevent condensation in the tank (6, Fig. 576).

Air Tanks

Drain Condensation Water

The air tanks are located on the upper carriage below the operator's cab. To drain, press the drain valves until air emerges without condensation water (Fig. 581).

Air Cleaner Indicator


A red area in the monitor shows that the air cleaner element is dirty. Clean or replace the filter element.

See also "When Required" for servicing the air filter and dismantling and reassembling instructions as well as cleaning routine.


Check Oil Level

------ WARNING! ------

Hot oil and components can cause personal injury. Do not allow hot oil or components to contact skin.


Place machine on level ground and stop the engine. Pull out dipstick (1, Fig. 778), wipe with clean rag and push in fully.

Pull the dipstick out again after a short interval.

Check the oil level on the dipstick. This should reach up to the top notch. Add oil if necessary (Fig. 779). Remove the oil fill cap to add oil. Observe engine operating instructions.

Hydraulic Fluid Tank

Check Level

------ WARNING! ------

Hot oil and components can cause personal injury. Do not allow hot oil or components to contact skin.


The hydraulic fluid level should come up to the middle of the top inspection glass (2, Fig. 521). Add oil if necessary.

Place machine on level ground for checking and rest attachment with the bucket on the ground and the main boom vertical.

Service Brake

Check Brake Fluid Level

The brake fluid reservoir is located at the top of the undercarriage (1, Fig. 582). The level of the brake fluid should be no more than 10 mm below the upper edge of the reservoir.

Front Axle Oscillation Reservoir

Check Oil Level

Keep the oil reservoir (2, Fig. 582) full at all times, in order to prevent air from entering the cylinder hydraulic circuit when the axle stabilizer switch in the cab is activated.

Backhoe Linkage


Lubricate 12 fittings (214) - Lubricate 16 Fittings (224).

Boom cylinder head pins, stick cylinder pins, pin boom/stick, bucket cylinder pins, bucket cylinder head pins, pins for arm and lever, bucket pins.



Lubricate two fittings (Fig. 528).

Boom Cylinder Lower Pins

Lubricate one fitting (Fig. 529).

1. Clean the grease fittings thoroughly before and after greasing.
2. Replace fault fittings immediately.
3. Continue packing until grease emerges from the bearings.