205 AND 211 TRACK-TYPE EXCAVATOR Transportation Hints Caterpillar

Transportation Hints
1.1. Loading on a Lowboy Trailer
2.1. Loading a Clamshell Machine
3.1. Securing the Machine
4.1. Lifting the Machine

------ WARNING! ------

Check the travel route for adequate overpass clearances. Block the trailer or flatcar wheels before loading the machine. Remove ice, snow or slippery material from the loading dock and trailer, or flatcar before loading.


Loading on a Lowboy Trailer

1. Position the machine with the front facing the trailer. With the boom over the trailer, apply down pressure to raise the front of the machine.

2. Move the stick in and move the machine forward at the same time.

3. Raise the boom and swing the upper structure 180°. Apply down pressure to raise the rear of the machine.
4. Move the stick out while traveling onto the trailer.

5. Position the machine parallel to the bed.

Loading a Clamshell Machine


Always use a ramp. Never apply down pressure through the boom and clamshell linkage, to raise the machine onto a trailer.

When laying the clamshell on its side, be sure hoses are not trapped between the fork bracket and the trailer or flatcar bed when laying the clamshell on its side.

Tie hoses to the fork to prevent damage.

Securing the Machine

Comply with regulations governing length, width, height and weight of the load.

Lower the implements.

Align the upper structure with the track and engage the swing lock pin.

------ WARNING! ------

Inspect to be sure the pin is engaged, to prevent upper structure movement.


Move the armrest up to the disengaged hydraulic position.

Stop the engine. Turn the start switch key off and remove the key.

Cover and lock all cab door and windows.

Install and secure all vandalism cover, caps and guards. Close and lock all access doors.

Block the tracks. Secure the machine with tie down.

Fasten all loose or removed parts securely to the trailer or flatcar.


In freezing weather, protect the cooling system with antifreeze, to the lowest outside expected temperature on the travel route. Or, drain the cooling system completely.

Lifting the Machine

------ WARNING! ------

Make sure the lifting cables and other lifting devices are strong enough to support the machine.

Consult your AVSpare dealer for the proper size and type of cables and lifting devices.

Use guide or tag lines to prevent the machine from swinging or turning.