205 AND 211 TRACK-TYPE EXCAVATOR Every 50 Service Hours or Weekly Caterpillar

Every 50 Service Hours or Weekly
1.1. Indicators and Gauges
2.2. Test for Proper Function
3.1. Batteries
4.2. Check the Electrolyte Level
5.1. Fuel Filter - Deutz Engine
6.2. Drain and Clean Fuel Bowl
7.1. Swing Bearing
8.2. Lubricate Gear Teeth and Fittings

Indicators and Gauges

Test for Proper Function

1. Look for broken gauge lenses or lights, switches, etc.
2. Start the engine.

3. Look for inoperative gauges.
4. Stop the engine.
5. Make any needed repairs.


Check the Electrolyte Level

------ WARNING! ------

Batteries give off flammable fumes that can explode resulting in personal injury.

Do not smoke when observing the battery electrolyte levels.

Electrolyte is an acid and can cause personal injury if it contacts skin or eyes.

Always wear protective glasses when working with batteries.


Check the batteries more often when working in extreme heat situations.

If an addition of water is necessary, use distilled water. If distilled water is not available, use clean water that is low in minerals. Do not use artifically softened water.

At the proper charging rate, batteries should not require more than 30 cc (1 ounce) of water per cell per week.

1. Unlatch and raise the battery compartment cover. Located on the right side of the machine.

2. Clean the tops of the batteries with a clean cloth. Check the cable clamps and terminals for corrosion or looseness. If necessary, clean, tighten or replace the cable clamps.
3. Clean the cable clamps and the terminals with a wire brush, if corroded. Coat the terminals with petroleum jelly.

4. Remove the fill caps. Maintain the electrolyte level to the bottom of the fill plug openings. Install the plugs.

Fuel Filter - Deutz Engine

Drain and Clean Fuel Bowl

------ WARNING! ------

Fuel leaked or spilled onto hot surfaces or electrical components can cause a fire.

Turn the key start switch OFF or disconnect the battery when changing fuel filter.



Do not fill fuel filters with fuel before installing them. Contaminated fuel will cause accelerated wear to fuel system parts.

1. Open the left side engine access door.

2. Fuel filter bowl located inside of engine.

3. Clean around the fuel filter.
4. Loosen the knurled nut and move the retainer back.
5. Remove the glass bowl and empty.
6. Install the glass bowl.
7. Move the retainer under the glass bowl and tighten the nut.
8. Close the access door.

Swing Bearing

Lubricate Gear Teeth and Fittings

Gears located under the upper structure. Fittings located under the boom.

Apply grease to the gear teeth.

Lubricate the two fittings.