206 AND 212 WHEEL-TYPE EXCAVATOR Transportation Hints Caterpillar

Transportation Hints
1.1. Roading
2.2. Boom Retracting (Two Piece Boom Only)
3.1. Cab Roading Procedures
4.2. Dozer Blade - If Equipped
5.2. Stabilizers (If Equipped)


------ WARNING! ------

Check the travel route for adequate overpass clearances. To prevent collision and personal injury.



Always road the machine with the boom over the steering axle. When the boom is over the rear axle, the steering is reversed and there is no hydraulic retarding. Travel with the boom over the rear axle should be limited to short distances when dozing and low speed range.

Local roading regulations could require the boom to be retracted. Check and obey all local and all traffic regulations.

Check all fluid levels and tire air pressures before traveling.

Boom Retracting (Two Piece Boom Only)

1. To retract the boom, dig a small trench for the stick to sit in.
2. Pull the cotter pins and retainers.
3. Carefully drive forward to position the boom into the front two holes.
4. Install the retainers and cotter pins.

Cab Roading Procedures

Align the upper structure with the steering axle wheels in the forward position and engage the swing lock pin.

Push the swing brake pedal down until the detent locks the pedal down.

Lock the front attachment after placing into the traveling position. Move the shutoff lever (1) for road travel.

Dozer Blade - If Equipped

Move the lever to lock the blade in the travel position, to prevent accidental blade lowering.

Stabilizers (If Equipped)

Raise the stabilizers up and turn the pads in. Use the retainers to hold stabilizers in the up position.