215B LC AND 215B SA TRACK-TYPE EXCAVATORS Every 250 Service Hours or Monthly Caterpillar

Every 250 Service Hours or Monthly
1.1. Engine Crankcase
2.2. Change Oil and Filter
3.2. Crankcase Breather - Clean
4.1. Swing Drive
5.2. Check Oil Level
6.1. Fan and Alternator Belts
7.2. Check and/or Adjust
8.2. To Adjust
9.1. Cooling System
10.2. Add Conditioner

Engine Crankcase

Change Oil and Filter

------ WARNING! ------

Hot oil and components can cause personal injury. Do not allow hot oil or components to contact skin.


1. Hinge down the guard under the rear of the upper structure, to gain access to the crankcase oil drain and oil filter.

2. Remove the crankcase oil drain plug. Allow the oil to drain.

3. Remove the used filter. Clean the filter base. Be sure all of the used filter seal is removed.
4. Coat the seal of a new filter with clean engine oil.

Do not overtighten the filter. Use the index marks on the filter as a guide for proper tightening.

5. Install the new filter by hand. When the seal contacts the base, tighten an additional 3/4 turn.
6. Install the crankcase drain plug.

7. Remove the oil fill plug. Fill the crankcase with oil. See "Refill Capacities." Clean and install the plug.

8. Start and operate the engine to fill the filter. Check for leaks. Check the oil level.
9. Maintain the level between the ADD and FULL marks on the ENGINE RUNNING side of the dipstick.
10. Close the access door. Stop the engine.

Crankcase Breather - Clean

1. Unlatch and open the right rear access door.

2. Loosen the clamp and disconnect the outlet hose from the breather.

3. Remove the 2 nuts from the bottom of the breather. Remove the breather.
4. Wash the breather in clean, nonflammable solvent. Shake it to remove excess solvent. Allow it to dry.

5. Inspect the seal. Use a new seal if it is damaged.
6. Install the breather. Tighten the retaining nuts to 14 ± 3 N·m (10 ± 2 lb ft).
7. Connect the outlet hose.
8. Close and secure the access door.

Swing Drive

Check Oil Level

------ WARNING! ------

Hot oil and components can cause personal injury. Do not allow hot oil or components to contact skin.


The oil level/fill plug is located in the front of the upper structure, behind the boom.

Remove the plug. Maintain the oil level to the bottom of the plug opening. Clean and install the plug.

Fan and Alternator Belts

Check and/or Adjust

Remove the left rear upper panel. Install the upper panel after inspection or adjustment.

Inspect the condition and adjustment of the belts. Replace the belts if they are cracked or frayed. Replace the belts in sets if a belt is damaged.

Apply a 110 N (25 lb) force, on each belt, midway between the pulleys. Each belt should deflect 14 to 20 mm (9/16 to 13/16 inch).

To Adjust

Loosen the alternator mounting bolts and move the alternator to loosen or tighten belts. Tighten the mounting bolts and reinspect the adjustment.

Cooling System

Add Conditioner

------ WARNING! ------

At operating temperature, the engine coolant is hot and under pressure.

Steam can cause personal injury.

Check the coolant level only after the engine has been stopped and the fill cap is cool enough to touch with your bare hand.

Remove the fill cap slowly to relieve pressure.

Cooling system conditioner contains alkali. Avoid contact with the skin and eyes to prevent personal injury.



Do not add conditioner monthly unless the engine has actually operated 250 service hours. Adding conditioner before 250 service hours will result in an excessive concentration of conditioner.

Do not use AVSpare coolant conditioner with Dowtherm 209 Full-Fill coolant. Follow recommendations provided with Dowtherm 209 Full-Fill coolant.

All water is corrosive at engine operating temperatures. Use AVSpare coolant conditioner to treat either plain water or ethylene glycol solution.

If the machine is to be shipped to, or stored in, an area with temperatures below 0°C (32°F), the cooling system must be protected to the lowest expected ambient temperature.

Clean the cooling system if it is contaminated, if engine overheats or if foaming is observed in the radiator.

Raise the radiator cap access cover.

1. Remove the radiator cap slowly to relieve pressure.
2. Add .24 liter (1/2 pint) of AVSpare cooling system conditioner, to provide a 3% to 6% concentration in the coolant.
3. Replace the cap if the gasket is damaged. Install the radiator cap.

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