225B AND 229 TRACK-TYPE EXCAVATORS Parking the Machine Caterpillar

Parking the Machine
1.1. Stopping the Machine
2.1. Freezing Conditions
3.1. Stopping the Engine
4.1. Leaving the Machine

Stopping the Machine

Move the machine to a safe place on level ground. Lower all equipment. Move the hydraulic and directional lock lever to the locked (inoperable) position.

If the engine is to be stopped, operate the engine at LOW IDLE. See "Stopping the Engine."

Freezing Conditions

If freezing temperatures are expected, each track roller frame should be cleaned of mud and dirt and the machine parked on planks.

1. Position the boom over one side.

2. Use boom down pressure to lift the track on that side off the ground. Operate the track in forward then reverse until the maximum amount of material is thrown clear.
3. Lower the track onto the planks.
4. Repeat the procedure for the other track.
5. Clean in and around the carrier rollers.

Stopping the Engine


Stopping the engine immediately after it has been working under load, can result in overheating and accelerated wear of the engine components. Follow the stopping procedure outlined below to allow the engine to cool.

Never turn the disconnect key to OFF while the engine is running, to prevent electrical damage.

Operate the engine at LOW IDLE for five minutes.

This allows hot areas in the engine to cool gradually, extending engine life.

Turn the start switch key to OFF.

Leaving the Machine

1. Turn off the disconnect switch and remove the key.
2. When leaving the machine, lock the cab door and close the windows.
3. Lock all vandalism caps (if equipped) and covers.
4. Close and lock the upper structure access doors.

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