CAT QUICK COUPLER FOR CATERPILLAR & CO Attachment mounting procedure Caterpillar

Attachment mounting procedure

------ WARNING! ------

If operator or any person is in the cab and at the controls, clear all personnel from the machine and the area while performing the steps listed below.


1. Position the attachment on a level surface.
2. Retract bucket cylinder and position the Quick Coupler in line between the attachment hinges.

------ WARNING! ------

Attachment should not be carrying any load when connecting Quick Coupler to attachment. Attachment could move, causing load to become unstable and fall.


3. Move stick forward and up until the lower bosses (stick side) of the Coupler engage in the attachment hinges.

4. Operate wedge cylinder by turning switch clockwise into the "Wedge unlocked" position.

Before the switch reaches the "Wedge unlocked" position it will pass through an intermediate position which will activate a warning buzzer.

5. Rotate Coupler toward load position by pushing bucket cylinder out.

Center bosses (power link side) must engage with the hollow in the attachment hinge.

6. Retract the wedge cylinder by turning the switch counterclockwise into the "Wedge locked" position.

The springs in the Quick Coupler will draw the locking wedge into the hardened locking area of the attachment hinge.

When the switch is turned from the "Wedge unlocked" to the "Wedge locked" position it passes through an intermediate position which will de-activate the warning buzzer.

7. Raise boom or stick. The attachment is firmly and safely locked and is ready for use.
8. Remove the key from the switch and store in a safe place.

------ WARNING! ------

Improper attachment of implements could result in injury or death. Do not operate this machine until you have positive indication that the locking wedge is fully engaged.