CAT QUICK COUPLER FOR CATERPILLAR & CO Attachment release procedure Caterpillar

Attachment release procedure

------ WARNING! ------

Before releasing the Quick Coupler from the attachment, be sure the attachment is not carrying any load. The attachment could move, causing load to become unstable and fall.


------ WARNING! ------

Never disengage the coupler's locking wedge when the attachment is not firmly positioned on the ground.

If operator or any person is in the cab and at the controls, clear all personnel from the machine and the area while performing the steps that follow.


1. Level bucket with the ground.

2. Push out the locking wedge against the spring force by moving the hydraulic power switch to the "Wedge unlocked" position.

Before the switch reaches the "Wedge unlocked" position it will pass through an intermediate position which will activate a warning buzzer.

3. Simultaneously roll the Quick Coupler towards you by retracting the bucket cylinder.

4. Turn the hydraulic power switch on the console back into the "Wedge locked" position.

When the switch is turned from the "Wedge unlocked" to the "Wedge locked" position it passes through an intermediate position which will de-activate the warning buzzer.

5. Move stick down and towards you to disengage the coupler from the bucket hinges.