305 CR Mini Hydraulic Excavator Stopping the Engine Caterpillar

Stopping the Engine
1.1. Stop the Engine if an Electrical Malfunction Occurs


Stopping the engine immediately after it has been working under load can result in overheating and accelerated wear of engine components.

Refer to the following procedure to allow the engine to cool and to prevent excessive temperatures in the turbocharger housing, which could cause oil coking problems.

  1. Stop the machine and run the engine at low idle for five minutes.

    Illustration 1g00810984

  1. Turn the engine start switch to the OFF position and remove the engine start switch key.

Stop the Engine if an Electrical Malfunction Occurs

Lower the work tool and the blade to the ground. Turn the engine start switch key to the OFF position. If the engine does not stop, perform the following procedure.

  1. Open the engine access panel that is located in the rear of the machine.

    Illustration 2g00811170

  1. Push the button for the fuel shutoff valve and hold the button until the engine shuts off.

Note: Do not operate the machine again until the malfunction has been corrected.