303.5E2, 304E2, 305.5E2 and 305E2 Mini Hydraulic Excavators Parking Caterpillar


When an accumulator has a charge, the hydraulic equipment is active. The accumulator may have a charge even if the engine is not running. When the accumulator is used to activate the hydraulic circuit, the charge should bleed off in less than one minute. Movement can occur under the following conditions:

  • The ignition key is in the ON position.

  • The hydraulic control console is in the LOWERED position.

  • The work tool is not positioned on the ground.

------ WARNING! ------

Deactivation of the hydraulic controls does not prevent the blade, boom swing, or auxiliary circuit functions from moving under gravity or other external forces. Gravity or other external forces can move the blade, boom swing, or auxiliary circuit functions suddenly if a hydraulic control lever is moved.

Personal injury or death may occur from sudden machine movement.

  1. Park on a level surface. If it is necessary to park on a grade, chock the tracks.

    Illustration 1g00811194

  2. Lower the work tools and the blade to the ground.

  3. Move the governor control lever to the LOW idle position and operate the engine at low idle for five minutes in order to allow the engine to cool down.

  4. Turn the engine start switch to the OFF position.

  5. When the engine has stopped, turn the engine start switch key to the ON position.

  6. Move the hydraulic control levers back and forth in order to relieve hydraulic pressure.

    Note: The hydraulic control console must be lowered in order for the hydraulic circuit to be activated.

  7. Turn the engine start switch to the OFF position and remove the key.

    Illustration 2g00817901

  8. Place the hydraulic control console in the RAISED position.

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