325C and 325C L Excavator Window (Front) Caterpillar

Window (Front)

Note: The sun visor (if equipped) must be down before the front window is raised. The front window will not lock in the overhead storage position with the sun visor in the raised position.

To provide full ventilation inside the cab, the upper window and the lower window can be fully opened.

------ WARNING! ------

When opening or closing the windows, be extra careful to prevent any personal injury. Also, the lever for the hydraulic lockout control must be in the LOCKED position to prevent any possibility of sudden movement of machine due to inadvertent contact with the hydraulic control(s).

Do not change the position of the window until the following items have been done:

  • Park the machine on a level surface.

  • Lower the implements to the ground.

  • Move the lever for the hydraulic lockout control to the LOCKED position.

  • Stop the engine.

Illustration 1g00811229

The lever for the hydraulic lockout control is shown in the LOCKED position. For further details on this procedure, refer to Operation and Maintenance Manual, "Hydraulic Lockout Control".

Perform Step 1 through Step 3 in order to open the upper window.

    Illustration 2g00680494
    (1) Lever

  1. Release the auto-lock latch by moving lever (1) to the right.

    Illustration 3g00680495

  2. Hold both grips that are located at the bottom of the window frame and at the top of the auto-lock latch. Push the window upward.

    Illustration 4g00680498
    (2) Auto-lock latch

  3. Hold both grips that are provided on the window frame and move the window into the STORAGE position until auto-lock latch (2) is engaged.

    Perform Steps 4 through 5 in order to close the upper window.

    Illustration 5g00680499
    (1) Lever

  4. Move the lever of the auto-lock latch (1) in the direction of the arrow in order to release the auto-lock latch.

  5. Reverse Steps 1 through 3 in order to close the upper window.

    Note: A power window is available for opening the upper window and closing the upper window. The power window is available as an attachment.

    Note: Refer to Operation and Maintenance Manual, "Window (Power)" for operating procedures. For further details, consult your AVSpare dealer.

    Perform Steps 6 through 8 in order to open the lower window and close the lower window.

    Illustration 6g00103837

  6. Raise the lower window out of the window frame.

    Illustration 7g00680500
    (3) Brackets
    (4) Catch

  7. Store the lower window in the holder that is located in the rear of the left side cab frame. To store the lower window, locate one end of the lower window into brackets (3). Secure the opposite end of the lower window with catch (4).

  8. To close the lower window, reverse the procedure that is used for opening the lower window.

    Note: The lower window is curved. The lower window can only be positioned one way in the holders.

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