325C and 325C L Excavator Engine and Machine Warm-Up Caterpillar

Engine and Machine Warm-Up


Keep the engine speed slow until the indicator light for the engine oil pressure goes out.

If the light does not go out within ten seconds, stop the engine and investigate the cause before starting the engine again. Failure to correct the problem can cause engine damage.

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Note: The hydraulic lockout control must be in the UNLOCKED position before the hydraulic controls will function.

  1. Allow the engine to warm up at low idle for at least five minutes. Engage the joystick controls and disengage the joystick controls. This will speed up the warm-up of the hydraulic components.

    When you idle the machine for warm-up, observe the following recommendations:

    • If the temperature is greater than 0°C (32°F), warm up the engine for approximately 15 minutes.

    • If the temperature is less than 0°C (32°F), warm up the engine for approximately 30 minutes.

    • If the temperature is less than - 18°C (0°F) or if hydraulic functions are sluggish, additional time may be required.

  1. To warm up the hydraulic oil, turn the engine speed dial to the medium engine speed. Run the engine for approximately five minutes and move the joystick intermittently from the BUCKET DUMP position to the HOLD position.

  1. Turn the engine speed dial to the maximum engine speed and repeat Step 2.

    This allows the oil to attain relief pressure, which causes the oil to warm up more rapidly.

  1. Cycle all controls in order to circulate warm oil through all hydraulic cylinders and through all hydraulic lines.

  1. Observe the gauges and the indicators frequently during the operation.

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