213 TRACK-TYPE EXCAVATOR When Required Caterpillar

When Required
1.1. Air Cleaner
2.2. Change Filter
3.2. Removal of the Air Cleaner Elements
4.1. Swing Drive
5.2. Check the Oil Level
6.1. Final Drives
7.2. Check oil level
8.1. Fuse Box
9.2. Replace
10.1. Track
11.2. Check Adjustment
12.2. Tighten Track
13.2. Loosen Track

Air Cleaner

Change Filter

------ WARNING! ------

Pressure air can cause personal injury.

When using pressure air for cleaning, wear a protective face shield, protective clothing and protective shoes.

The maximum air pressure must be below 205 kPa (30 psi) for cleaning purposes.


The air cleaner is equipped with two filters, a primary filter element and a secondary element (Figs. 668, 669,670).

Take out the primary filter element for cleaning, only if the indicator is showing red. The primary filter element should be replaced after the sixth cleaning, or every year. The secondary element should not be cleaned and should be replaced after the third cleaning of the primary filter element.

Removal of the Air Cleaner Elements

Loosen wing bolt (1, Fig. 668) and remove cover (2, Fig. 668). Take the rubber ring out of the cover, shake out the dust and clean thoroughly.

Unscrew wing bolt (1, Fig. 669) from the primary filter element and remove filter element (1, Fig. 670).

Loosen wing bolt (2, Fig. 670) from secondary filter element and remove element (3, Fig. 670).


Blow air through the primary filter element from inside to outside.

Never clean the filter element by tapping.


Fouling by soot or oil requires the element to be washed. Soak the primary filter element for approximately 15 minutes in warm soap water, then move the element back and forth or up and down in the water. Rinse the element carefully with clean water from inside to outside. Install primary filter element only when dry.


Check the filter element for damage. Be sure all seals and their seats are in perfect condition. Check filter element by inserting a light bulb.

Use undamaged filter elements only. For reassembly the sequence should be reversed.

Swing Drive

Check the Oil Level

------ WARNING! ------

Hot oil and components can cause personal injury. Do not allow hot oil or components to contact skin.


Place machine on level ground.

Unscrew plug (2, Fig. 696). The oil level must be up to the lower edge of the hole. If required, remove breather filter (1, Fig. 696) and fill with oil.

Final Drives

Check oil level

------ WARNING! ------

Hot oil and components can cause personal injury. Do not allow hot oil or components to contact skin.


Place machine on level ground.

Remove level plug (2, Fig. 548). The oil level must be up to the lower edge of the hole.

If necessary, remove fill plug (3, Fig. 548) and add oil.

Fuse Box


Fuses 1 to 12 - 8 amp

Fuse 13 - 16 amp

(Fig. 551)

1. Special accessory (if equipped).

2. Parking light right.

3. Parking light left.

4. Spare Fuse.

5. Working beam/windshield wiper.

6. Fuel gauge; solenoid valves for hydraulic attachment function.

7. Interior light; relay.

8. Power plug; solenoid valve for track brake.

9. Low beam light left.

10. Low beam light right.

11. Main high beam left.

12. Main high beam right.

13. Heater.


Check Adjustment

------ WARNING! ------

Grease is under high pressure.

Grease coming out of the relief valve under pressure can penetrate the body causing injury or death.

Do not watch the relief valve to see if grease is escaping. Watch the track or track adjustment cylinder to see if the track is being loosened.

Loosen the relief valve three turns maximum.


The track tension is set so that the lower part sags by 5 to 6 cm (2 to 2.38 inch) (as shown in track photo) if the machine is raised. To test the track tension, lift the machine by means of the attachment so that the lower part of the track hangs down.

The track tension has to be set as required by the current operating conditions. Use as slack a track as possible if the soil is heavy.

Tighten Track

Raise the machine as described. Add grease through the high pressure nipples (fittings) (Fig. 555) with a lever grease gun only until the correct track tension is reached.

Loosen Track

Loosen the high pressure fitting carefully (three turns maximum) until grease is allowed to emerge from the cylinder through the fitting.

Retighten the high pressure fitting when the desired track tension is reached.