213 TRACK-TYPE EXCAVATOR Every 50 Service Hours or Weekly Caterpillar

Every 50 Service Hours or Weekly
1.1. Swing Gear
2.2. Lubricate
3.1. Fuel Filter
4.2. Check and Clean
5.1. Batteries
6.2. Check Electrolyte Level

Swing Gear


Swing gear track (7, Fig. 517). Lubricate two fittings.

Swing gear teeth and pinion (1, Fig. 530). Coat with MPG lubricant.


The life of the swing gear essentially depends on the care shown for lubricating.

Fuel Filter

Check and Clean

------ WARNING! ------

Fuel leaked or spilled onto hot surfaces or electrical components can cause a fire.

Turn the start switch OFF or disconnect the battery when changing fuel filters.


Loosen knurled nut and empty glass bowl (Fig. 532). Reassemble glass bowl.


Check Electrolyte Level

------ WARNING! ------

Batteries give off flammable fumes that can explode.

Do not smoke when observing the battery electrolyte levels.

Electrolyte is an acid and can cause personal injury if it contacts skin or eyes.

Always wear protective glasses when working with batteries.


The batteries (Fig. 533) are at the left rear of the upper carriage and accessible through the engine side door.

Check that the electrolyte level is approximately 10 to 15 mm (.38 to .60 inch) above the upper plate edges.

Use distilled water only to fill. Clean poles and terminals and coat with petroleum jelly.