568 GF and 568 LL Forest Machine Securing the Machine Caterpillar

Securing the Machine
1.1. Log Loader Boom

Comply with any laws that govern the characteristics of a load (length, width, height, and weight).

  1. Move the hydraulic lockout control to the LOCKED position.

  2. Turn the engine start switch to the OFF position in order to stop the engine. Remove the engine start switch key.

  3. Turn the battery disconnect switch to OFF and remove the disconnect switch key.

  4. Remove the ether starting aid cylinder. See Operation and Maintenance Manual, "Ether Starting Aid Cylinder - Replace" for the removal procedure.

  5. Lock the door and the access covers. Attach any vandalism protection.

  6. Cover the exhaust opening.


    Do not allow the turbocharger to rotate while the engine is not operating. Damage to the turbocharger can result.

    Note: Before you remove the excavator from the transport machine, remove the protective covering from the exhaust opening.

    Illustration 1g02104975

    Illustration 2g02444962

  7. Chock the tracks and secure the machine with tie-downs. Make sure that you use the proper rated wire cable.

    Use the front towing eyes on the lower frame, the rear towing eyes on the lower frame, and the rear towing eye that is on the upper frame.

    Securely fasten all loose parts and all removed parts to the trailer or to the rail car.

    When the engine is stopped, the swing parking brake is automatically applied. This prevents the upper structure from swinging.

  8. Tilt the cab by using the instructions in Operation and Maintenance Manual, "Cab Tilting".

    Note: The cab must be tilted or the cab must be in the LOWER position before transporting.


In freezing weather, protect the cooling system with antifreeze, to the lowest outside expected temperature on the travel route. Or, drain the cooling system completely.

Log Loader Boom

  1. When you ship a machine that is equipped with a log loader boom, it may also be necessary to remove the stick and the grapple.

    Illustration 3g00736754

    Illustration 4g00736756

  2. After removing the stick, attach the stick cylinder to the boom in the following manner:

    1. Align pin holes for stick cylinder (B) with top pin hole (A) of the boom. Insert linkage pin (1) into pin holes.

    2. Attach linkage pin (1) to the boom with bolt (2) and washer (3).

    3. Align pin hole of stick cylinder rod end (D) with pin holes (C). Insert linkage pin (4) into pin holes.

    4. Attach linkage pin (4) to the support with bolt (5) and washer (6).