W345B Series II Material Handler Hydraulic System Electronic Control System Caterpillar

Electronic Control System
W345B Series II Material Handler Hydraulic System [RENR5574]
W345B Series II Material Handler Hydraulic System Electronic Control System

Illustration 1g00368679


(49) Monitor panel

(50) Control lever (stick and swing)

(51) Control lever (boom and bucket)

(52) Travel pedal (left)

(53) Travel pedal (right)

(54) Engine speed dial

Illustration 2g00368680

Controller compartment

(55) Controller

The electronic control system controls the output of the engine and the pump through controller (55). Controller (55) senses the position of the governor lever that is selected by engine speed dial (54), and the controller (55) senses the power mode position that is selected by the power mode switch. The power mode switch is located on monitor panel (49). The controller processes the information, and the controller sends a pressure signal to the pump. This signal enables the pump to supply the optimum output. The output matches the engine speed and the load on the machine.

The electronic control system has the following functions.

  • When a large load is placed on the machine, the system allows the pumps to down stroke. This enables the system to supply the maximum horsepower.

  • The load of the machine controls the output of the pumps. The output is based on two power modes and three work modes. These modes allow the machine to operate at optimum efficiency, which helps to reduce fuel consumption.

  • When there is a no load condition or a very small load, the system automatically decreases engine speed. This adjustment improves the fuel consumption, and the reduction in engine speed reduces the noise level.

  • The electronic control system activates the fine control solenoid valve, the swing solenoid valve, and the travel speed solenoid valve. Activation of the solenoids adjusts the travel speed to operating conditions.

Reference: For details of the electronic control system, refer to Systems Operation/Testing and Adjusting, "Engine and Pump Electronic Control System".