3046 Engine for Caterpillar Built Machines Low Idle RPM - Adjust - In-line Fuel Pump Caterpillar

Low Idle RPM - Adjust - In-line Fuel Pump

Please contact your product support representative in order to obtain the low idle adjustment for your particular application before starting this procedure.

    Illustration 1g00566907

    Governor adjustment

    (1) High idle set screw

    (2) Speed control lever

    (3) Low idle screw

    (4) Idle subspring screw

    Note: For any adjustments, ensure that the coolant and oil temperature are above 70 °C (158 °F).

  1. Pull speed control lever (2) to one-half throttle. Operate the starting motor in order to crank the engine.

  1. At approximately 150 rpm, the engine will begin to start and the engine will pick up speed. Immediately after the engine is running, adjust the speed control lever in order to hold the engine rpm between 800 and 1000 rpm.

  1. When the engine is running at a steady speed, move the speed control lever back to the low idle position.

    Illustration 2g00818022

    Low idle position

    (2) Speed control lever

    (3) Low idle set screw

  1. Hold speed control lever (2) at the position needed for low idle, and set low idle set screw (3) .

    Note: Turning the low idle set screw clockwise raises the idle rpm.

    Illustration 3g00818020

    Adjustment of the idle subspring screw

    (4) Idle subspring screw

  1. If the engine speed tends to fluctuate, turn idle subspring screw (4) clockwise. Allow the idle subspring screw to come into slight contact with the tension lever. The engine speed will rise slightly and the engine speed will stop fluctuating when the idle subspring is exerting some force upon the lever.

    Note: Tightening the idle subspring screw is likely to cause the engine to overspeed when the load is dumped during heavy-duty operation. Tighten the idle subspring screw slowly until the unstable condition is eliminated.

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