416E, 420E and 430E Backhoe Loaders Electronic Control Module (ECM) - Configure Caterpillar

Electronic Control Module (ECM) - Configure
1.1. Machine Configuration

Machine Configuration

Table 1
Required Tools    
Part Number     Description     Quantity    
JEBD3003     AVSpare Electronic Technician (ET)     1    
171-4401     Communications Adapter II     1    
207-6845     Adapter Cable As     1    
160-0141     Adapter Cable As     1    

The AVSpare Electronic Technician service tool (ET) is used to access the configuration screen. A message on the ET screen will give instructions that guide the user through the procedure. Refer to the Manual that is provided with the ET software for more information about ET.

Illustration 1g01228898

This is the location of the service connector that contains the Cat Data Link. The service connector is located to the side of the foot pedals.

The machine ECM is located under the floor panel below the foot pedals. The following picture illustrates the location.

Illustration 2g01228899

This is the location for the machine ECM.

The machine electronic control module (ECM) must be configured when the machine ECM has been replaced. The configuration screen is only for machines with a valve ECM. The ECM needs to be configured before a calibration can be started.

A check of the configuration screen could resolve a problem with the machine. A problem with a component could be identified as one of the following items:

  • The component is not installed.

  • The component is installed but a change to the installation is needed in order to correct a problem.

Follow these instructions to get to the configuration screen:

  1. Connect the communications adapter and the computer to the diagnostic service tool connector.

  1. Start the AVSpare Electronic Technician (ET).

  1. Select "File". Go to "Select ECM". Choose the "machine ECM".

  1. Go to the "Service" Menu. Select "Configuration". Click "OK". Certain operations or characteristics can be changed for attachments or preferences.