SUPPLEMENT FOR 206 & 212 WHEEL-TYPE EXCAVATORS Final Drive Caterpillar

Final Drive

Assemble Final Drive

Grease O-ring and insert it into the groove of the hub carrier.

Place hub carrier against the axle housing.

NOTE: Pay attention to the installation position. See markings made during disassembly.

Fasten hub carrier by means of the allen head screws.

Torque limit (M16/10.9) 295 N·m

Cover tight fit surface for the baffle plate with Loctite No. 275.

Heat baffle plate in hot oil and place it firmly against shoulder, using driver.

NOTE: Pay attention to the installation position - plane (smooth) surface of baffle plate shows towards the planetary carrier.

(S) driver

Cover tight fit surface for the liner with Loctite No. 573 and install liner similar as shown in figure 95 above.

Pull wheel studs into the hub.

(S) wheel stud puller -basic set

(S) insert

Install both bearing outer races into the hub.

Determine rolling resistance of the wheel bearing.

- Nominal value 8 - 12 N·m (figures 99 - 104)

Heat bearing inner race in hot oil and place it firmly against shoulder.

NOTE: Bearing with large inner diameter.

Guide the spacer (value of experience s = 14.50 mm) upon the end of the hub carrier.

Slide hub into position and install the heated bearing inner race.

Place gear ring carrier against shoulder.

Install slotted nut and tighten by continuous rotation of the hub.

Torque limit (M90x1.5) 1000 N·m

Torque limit (M95x1.5) 1500 N·m

(S) hook spanner

Wrap suitable string around the hub and check rolling resistance - nominal value 8 to 12 N·m - corresponding to traction force.

on hub diameter 320 mm of F = 50-75 N

on hub diameter 390 mm of F = 40-60 N

for run-in bearings,

on hub diameter 320 mm of F = 25-40 N

on hub diameter 390 mm of F = 20-30 N

If the rolling resistance, respectfully the traction force has not been obtained, correct by one thinner or thicker spacer (see figure 51).

Afterwards loosen slotted nut again, remove gear ring carrier and pull hub from hub carrier.

Remove bearing inner race.

Install the heated bearing inner race.

Press shaft seal carefully against shoulder.

NOTE: Cover outer diameter with a water spirit mixture (1:1)!

Fill sealing lip with grease.

(S) driver

(S) handle

Press scraper ring, (with small sealing lip towards above), against shaft seal until contact is obtained.

Place pre-assembled hub against the hub carrier by continuous rotation.

Assemble the spacer determined under figures 99 - 104, for example s = 15.40 mm.

Install the heated bearing inner race.

Grease both O-rings and insert them into the groove of the hub, and the hub carrier.

Grease both rectangular rings and insert them into the piston groove.

Insert piston into the gear ring carrier.

NOTE: Pay attention to the location of the bores for the return springs.

Insert all return springs with wire ring into the gear ring carrier.

Position the gear ring carrier in a vise and hook the return springs into the wire ring.


Do not overstress the return springs or they will be damaged.

(S) spring hook

Insert snap ring into the groove of the gear ring carrier, preload and push gear ring carrier in, until snap ring completely engages in the gear ring groove.

Position the complete gear ring upon the splines of the hub carrier and place it against shoulder, if required, by means of slotted nut.


Pay attention to the overlapping of the oil bores (hub carrier/gear ring carrier).

Install O-ring uniformly, place angle ring upon it and position O-ring carefully against shoulder by means of slotted nut.

Subsequently loosen the slotted nut and check that O-ring has not been damaged.


Pay attention to the location of the angle ring (shouldered plane face towards O-ring). Cover O-ring and angle ring with grease.

Tighten slotted nut.

Torque limit (M90x1.5) 1000 to 1500 N·m

Torque limit (M95x1.5) 1500 to 2000 N·m

NOTE: For the locking of the lock plates, only a slight backing off the slotted nut is permitted.

Make thrust washer adhere by means of grease.

Version A

Insert both lock plates and fasten them by a slight backing off of the slotted nut, see illustration.

(S) hook spanner

(S) centering disc

Version B

Squeeze out circlip

Slide in stub shaft until contact is obtained.

Install the snap ring.

Slide inner plate carrier firmly against shoulder.

Determine plate end play:

NOTE: In order to determine a correct plate end play, there may be no end play between gear ring and gear ring carrier. This can be obtained by installing a puller set, see illustration.

Determine dimension A from face gear ring to piston.

For Example: 80.60 mm

Assemble backing plate and engage circlip (snap ring).

Place backing plate against circlip until contact is obtained.

Measure dimension B from gear ring face to the inner plane surface of the backing plate.

For Example: 51.70 mm

Charge (compress) the complete plate pack for the brakes by means of a press with about 200 N (compress) and determine dimension C.

For Example: 26.30 mm


Carry out required corrections by means of outer plates of different thickness.

Assemble the brake plate pack, starting with one outer plate (5 plates) and then one inner plate (4 plates) etc.

Insert backing plate and fix it by means of circlip.

Slide the sun gear shaft firmly against its shoulder.

Engage first angle ring, install subsequently roller bearing and fix it by means of second angle ring.

NOTE: Large contact surface of angle rings goes toward the bearing.

Guide planetary gears upon the shafts of the planetary carrier and place them firmly against shoulder.

NOTE: The larger radius of the bearing inner race goes toward the planetary carrier.

Fix planetary gears by means of snap rings.


Check the groove for the snap ring for wear. Also, check snap rings for wear and stress. Replace with a new one if not of new quality.

Adjust end play of stub shaft - nominal value 0.30 to 0.60 mm (see figure 132 up to the example):

Determine dimension A from flange facing to contact surface of the thrust washer.

For Example: 289.50 mm

Slide sun gear shaft and stub shaft firmly against shoulder.

Measure dimension B from face/sun gear shaft to the flange facing.

For Example: 286.40 mm


In order to obtain an end play of 0.30 to 0.0 mm, a thrust washer of s = 2.70 mm has to be selected.

Install the determined thrust washer, for example s = 2.70 mm, into the planetary carrier, using Loctite.

Place planetary carrier against the hub and fasten it by means of two allen head screws.

NOTE: Grease the O-ring slightly for ease of installation, see the arrow.

Torque limit (M10/8.8) 49 N·m

Check the brake hydraulics for leakage.

Before starting with the check, bleed the air from the brake hydraulic system.

------ WARNING! ------

The hydraulic system will have high pressure at the bleed screw when it is opened. Do this operation in a position where the fluid can not make contact with anyone.


After a compressive load of 15 min. with 120 bar (12 000 kPa), a pressure drop of 2% [117.5 bar (11 750 kPa)] is permissible.

Test Medium:

Motor Oils SAE-10W, corresponding to MIL-L 2104 1.

(S) hand pressure pump group

Information System: