5230B Excavator Machine Systems Swivel - Assemble Caterpillar

Swivel - Assemble
1.1. Assembly Procedure

Assembly Procedure

Table 1
Required Tools    
Tool     Part Number     Part Description     Qty    
A     6V-2156     Link Bracket     2    

  1. Prior to assembly, ensure that all parts of the swivel are clean and free of debris.

    Illustration 1g00817433

    Note: Prior to installation, check the condition of all seals. If the seals are worn or damaged, replace the seals with new parts.

  1. Install seal (14) on rotor (12). Lubricate seal (14) with 5P-0960 Multipurpose Grease .

    Illustration 2g00817432

  1. Install seal assemblies (13) in housing (3). Lubricate seal assemblies (13) with 5P-0960 Multipurpose Grease .

    Note: Use 5P-0960 Multipurpose Grease to coat each step of rotor (12) and the inside of housing (3).

    Illustration 3g00876703

  1. Attach Tooling (A) and a hoist to housing (3). The weight of housing (3) is 251 kg (550 lb). Install housing (3) over rotor (12) .

    Illustration 4g00817427

  1. Install O-ring seal (8) in the bottom of retainer (7) .

    Illustration 5g00817428

  1. Install thrust race (10), thrust bearing (9), and O-ring seal (11) in retainer (7) .

    Illustration 6g00817425

  1. Use bolts (6) to install retainer (7) to housing (3).

  1. Use bolts (4) to install retainer (5) to the rotor.

    Illustration 7g00817418

  1. Use bolts (1) and install retainer (2) to housing (3) .

  1. Check the swivel for leaks. Plug the drain ports of the inside body. Apply shop air pressure in the top of the swivel, and check for leaks.

End By: Install the swivel. Refer to Disassembly and Assembly, "Swivel - Install".

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