2001/08/13 Special Instruction, REHS1129, "Starting Motor Solenoid - Replace" Is Available {1467} Caterpillar

Special Instruction, REHS1129, "Starting Motor Solenoid - Replace" Is Available {1467}
Agricultural Tractor:
65 (S/N: 7YC1-UP)
65C (S/N: 2ZJ1-UP)
70C (S/N: 2YL1-UP)
75 (S/N: 4CJ1-UP)
75C (S/N: 4KK1-UP)
75D (S/N: 5AR1-UP)
85C (S/N: 9TK1-UP)
85D (S/N: 4GR1-UP)
DV87 (S/N: 9AM1-UP)
Articulated Truck:
D20D (S/N: 9MG1-UP)
D250D (S/N: 6NG1-UP)
Asphalt Paver:
AP-1200 (S/N: 2JD1-UP)
WE-851B (S/N: 8BC1-UP)
LEXION 480 (S/N: 2BZ1-UP)
LEXION 485 (S/N: 8ZW1-UP)
213B (S/N: 1EJ1-UP)
214B (S/N: 9MF1-UP)
215 (S/N: 14Z1-UP)
215B (S/N: 2XC1-UP)
224B (S/N: 7WF1-UP)
320 (S/N: 3RK1-UP; 4BK1-UP; 4ZJ1-UP; 9WG1-UP)
320B (S/N: 2AS1-UP)
322 (S/N: 7WL1-UP)
322 L (S/N: 8CL1-UP)
322B (S/N: 1YS1-UP; 8MR1-UP; 8NR1-UP)
325 (S/N: 2SK1-UP; 2SL1-UP; 3LL1-UP; 5WK1-UP; 6RM1-UP; 7LJ1-UP; 7TG1-UP; 8JG1-UP; 8NL1-UP; 8YK1-UP; 9SG1-UP; 9ZK1-UP)
325B (S/N: 6DN1-UP; 8PR1-UP; 8RR1-UP)
325L (S/N: 2JK1-UP; 6KK1-UP; 7CJ1-UP; 7LM1-UP; 8NK1-UP; 9KL1-UP)
E180 (S/N: 1RF1-UP)
E200B (S/N: 6KF1-UP)
E240B (S/N: 8SF1-UP)
EL200B (S/N: 7DF1-UP)
EL240B (S/N: 5WG1-UP)
215 PM (S/N: 61Z1-UP)
215B HC SA TT (S/N: 4JC1-UP)
320 HC L TT (S/N: 3XK1-UP)
320B L (S/N: 7JR1-UP)
322B L (S/N: 2ES1-UP)
325B LN (S/N: 8FN1-UP)
Integrated Toolcarrier:
IT18 (S/N: 9NB1-UP)
IT18B (S/N: 1DF1-UP)
IT28 (S/N: 2KC1-UP)
IT28B (S/N: 1HF1-UP)
IT28F (S/N: 1JL1-UP; 3CL1-UP)
IT28G (S/N: 8CR1-UP; 9AR1-UP)
IT38F (S/N: 5DR1-UP; 6FN1-UP)
IT62G (S/N: 6PS1-UP)
IT28B PS (S/N: 5SD1-UP)
Paving Compactor:
CB-534 (S/N: 2EG1-UP)
CB-614 (S/N: 7CD1-UP)
PS-500 (S/N: 7XD1-UP)
CB-534 SP VIB (S/N: 2YF1-UP)
561C (S/N: 85H1-UP; 92J1-UP)
Track-Type Loader:
941B (S/N: 70H1-UP; 80H1-UP)
943 (S/N: 04Z1-UP; 31Y1-UP)
951B (S/N: 86J1-UP)
953 (S/N: 05Z1-UP; 76Y1-UP)
953B (S/N: 5MK1-UP)
953C (S/N: 2ZN1-UP; BBX1-UP)
955K (S/N: 61H1-UP)
955L (S/N: 64J1-UP; 85J1-UP)
963B (S/N: 9BL1-UP)
963C (S/N: 2DS1-UP)
943 HD LGP (S/N: 19Z1-UP)
953 HD LGP (S/N: 20Z1-UP)
963C HD (S/N: BBD1-UP)
Track-Type Tractor:
D4D (S/N: 61J1-UP; 74U1-UP; 82J1-UP; 83J1-UP; 84J1-UP; 85A1-UP; 97F1-UP)
D4H (S/N: 8PB1-UP)
D5 (S/N: 82H1-UP; 98J1-UP)
D6C (S/N: 23U1-UP; 24U1-UP)
D5 74GA DD (S/N: 94J1-UP)
Wheel Loader:
916 (S/N: 2XB1-UP; 5KC1-UP; 8GC1-UP; 9WB1-UP)
920 (S/N: 62K1-UP; 75J1-UP)
926 (S/N: 7TC1-UP)
926E (S/N: 94Z1-UP; 4NB1-UP; 8NB1-UP)
928F (S/N: 2XL1-UP; 7YM1-UP; 8AK1-UP)
928G (S/N: 6XR1-UP; 7SR1-UP)
930 (S/N: 41K1-UP; 73U1-UP; 79J1-UP)
938F (S/N: 1KM1-UP; 2RM1-UP; 7SN1-UP)
950 (S/N: 81J1-UP)
950B (S/N: 31R1-UP)
950E (S/N: 22Z1-UP; 65R1-UP)
950F Series II (S/N: 2LM1-UP; 5SK1-UP; 8TK1-UP)
950F (S/N: 4DJ1-UP; 6YG1-UP; 7ZF1-UP)
950G (S/N: 2JS1-UP; 4BS1-UP; 6NS1-UP)
960F (S/N: 1YM1-UP; 4CL1-UP; 9ZJ1-UP)
962G (S/N: 3BS1-UP; 5AS1-UP; 5RS1-UP)
G916 (S/N: 5GD1-UP)
G926 (S/N: 1SD1-UP)
930 PS (S/N: 71H1-UP)
Wheel Skidder:
508 (S/N: 2HD1-UP)
518 (S/N: 50S1-UP)
525 (S/N: 1DN1-UP)
508 PS (S/N: 9NC1-UP)
Wheel Tractor-Scraper:
613 (S/N: 71M1-UP)
613B (S/N: 38W1-UP)
613C (S/N: 92X1-UP)
621 (S/N: 2DB1-UP)
621B (S/N: 7KC1-UP; 8HC1-UP)
627E (S/N: 6EB1-UP)

A Special Instruction, REHS1129, "Starting Motor Solenoid - Replace" is now available for instructions on the removal and the installation of starting motor solenoids. This instruction describes the removal process and the installation process for semi-solid link solenoids.

Information System:

5130B Excavator Hydraulic System High Pressure Screen - Check/Replace
305 CR Mini Hydraulic Excavator Blade Control
5130B Excavator Hydraulic System Oil Filter (Pilot) - Replace
5130B Excavator Cooling System Coolant Extender (ELC) - Add
303 CR Mini Hydraulic Excavator Swing Boom Control
325C L and 325C LN Excavator Lifting Capacities Working Ranges
H45/H45 S, H50/H50 S, 63/H63/H63 S, 70/70 S/H70/H70 S, H90C/H90C S and 100/H100/H100 S Hydraulic Hammers Hydraulic Hammer
3064 and 3066 Engines for Caterpillar Built Machines Crankshaft
5230B Excavator Machine Systems Selector Valve (Hydraulic Activation) - Remove
325C Excavator Hydraulic System Gear Pump (Fan Motor) - Test
5230B Excavator Machine Systems Swivel - Assemble
325C Excavator Hydraulic System Travel Motor - Test - Measurement of Case Drain Oil
305 CR Mini Hydraulic Excavator Engine Starting
3046 Engine for Caterpillar Built Machines Fuel System - Prime - In-line Fuel Pump
325C Excavator Plate Locations and Film Locations
325C Excavator Hydraulic System Gear Pump (Pilot) - Test
2001/09/10 The Reverse Steering Indicator is Removed {1408, 1429}
3046 Engine for Caterpillar Built Machines Low Idle RPM - Adjust - In-line Fuel Pump
345B Series II Excavator Machine System Specifications Bucket Linkage - U-Family
3046 Engine for Caterpillar Built Machines High Idle RPM - Adjust - In-line Fuel Pump
M312, M315, M318 and M320 Excavators Hydraulic System Swing Motor
301.5, 301.6 and 301.8 Mini Hydraulic Excavators Engine Starting with Jump Start Cables
3064 and 3066 Engines for Caterpillar Built Machines Engine Oil Pump - Inspect
5230B Excavator Engine Oil Level - Check